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Mattress Replacement


Nimbus Professional

The Nimbus® Professional system is the ultimate pressure redistributing mattress in the Nimbus range, offering best of class dynamic therapy and total patient management within any care setting. From Intensive Care to Extended Care across both Medical and Surgical ward settings, the Nimbus Professional system delivers a proven solution with the ability to uniquely customise the therapy surface to a range of patient management needs.

Nimbus 4

The Nimbus® 4 system combines automatic adjustment of cell pressures, Heelguard™ and unique Vent Valve technology. Providing effective pressure relief and enhanced solutions to a wide range of patient management issues, the Nimbus 4 system can help reduce nursing time, improve patient and carer safety and provide clinical and cost effective outcomes.


The Breeze® Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement and Mattress Overlay Systems provide excellent pressure reduction for patients assessed to be up to a very high risk of developing pressure ulcers or with existing tissue damage.

Auto Logic

The Auto Logic® 200 Mattress Replacement provides leading edge technology with an automatic, self setting mattress replacement or cushion combination with Active Transport.

Alpha Response

The Alpha Response™ system is a semi-automatic pressure redistribution solution, offering excellent clinical outcomes1, lower risk and value for money. The system is suitable for a wide range of care settings from general ward and acute care to private or nursing home care.

Flexible Therapy System (FTS)

The Flexible Therapy System™ (FTS) represents the next generation of medical mattress replacements, by combining the excellent contouring properties of visco-elastic (memory) foam with the support and pressure redistribution properties of air.

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