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A total concept for the soiled utility room
Ninjo concept plays a vital role in fighting cross-infections by facilitating the creation of a complete integrated soiled utility room including flusher disinfector, soiled utility room furnishing, lidded bedpan and specially formulated rinse & de-liming agent.

The high-performance flusher disinfector
This front-loaded machine empties, cleans and disinfects receptacles such as bedpans, urine bottles and commode buckets. New techniques deliver superior results in its prime functions – cleaning and disinfection.

A fully automatic bedpan washer disinfector
This bedpan washer is designed for the hygienic handling of reusable items such as bedpans and urine bottles. The unit’s elbow-actuated push buttons promote good hygienic operating routines.


Top-loaded Flusher Disinfector
Amigo™ is an exceptionally easy-to-use top-loaded flusher disinfector with an integrated clinical sink.

Soiled Utility Rooms and Equipment
In caring for the elderly, the elderly care facility is gradually taking over a higher level of acute care. A soiled utility room is essential to enhance the level of care associated with many of these newly acquired functions, resulting in greater infection control and healthier residents.
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