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Sling Needs Audit

Sling Unavailability

In many facilities, caregivers sometimes choose not to use a mechanical lift, or may choose an inappropriate sling, due to the unavailability of slings. This may result in decreased comfort for the resident and increased risky of injury to the resident and/or caregiver.

Having a full range of slings for specific needs leads to:

• Increased resident safety
• Increased resident comfort
• Increased caregiver compliance (slings are readily available)
• Increased caregiver ease of application and removal
• Better infection control by having adequate numbers for laundering
  without affecting caregiver compliance

ArjoHuntleigh Sling Solutions provide peace of mind

An ArjoHuntleigh Clinical Consultant can provide peace of mind with sling solutions from a sling needs audit. They provide resources, training, and guidance for implementing a sling inspection program. This includes consideration of the following

• Review the proper 10-point inspection criteria for assessing sling condition*
• The current number of residents requiring passive lift transfers
• The current number of lifts (ceiling lifts and portable floor lifts)
• Existing stock of sling styles and sizes*
• All current practices involving resident handling
• The current laundering practices and how they affect sling availability
• A review of proper assessment criteria regarding specialty slings and practices
  (such as toileting)
• Identification of unique sling needs

For your FREE ArjoHuntleigh Sling Needs Audit, please call us at 800-665-4831 to be directed to your local Clinical Consultant.

*a formalized Sling Condition Inspection program is available through ArjoHuntleigh Service.

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