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The bariatric resident has the right to be treated with the same comfort, dignity, respect, and privacy as other residents.

Bariatric residents often need assistance in ambulating, transferring and repositioning themselves in bed. This is not only due to their size, but also to common associated heart and respiratory conditions. Often they cannot tolerate lying flat on their backs so the head of the bed needs to be elevated.
ArjoHuntleigh has developed a range of equipment suitable for bariatric care – sling lifts, beds, mattresses, ceiling lifts and specially designed sliding sheets for positioning. 

Bariatric Gallery
A bariatric resident is defined by a description of body weight distribution as either "pear-shaped" or "apple-shaped". An awareness of resident body shape is important when choosing the appropriate equipment.

The bariatric sling lift
Lifting heavier people has become a prominent issue. ArjoHuntleigh has developed a mobile lift specifically designed to handle this resident group.

The bariatric ceiling lift system
This complete system is specifically designed to deliver the proven benefits of ceiling lifts in transfer routines for bariatric patients.

Specially designed bariatric slings
ArjoHuntleigh has paid special attention to details such as reinforcement around the legs and shoulder area, when designing bariatric slings. Special fabrics have also been used to increase comfort and disperse heat and sweat.

Standing and raising aids
Standing and raising aids, such as SARA 3000 or Encore, are preferred for larger patients who can still support and move themselves to some degree.


Bariatric MaxiSlide
Sliding sheets are also available in X Large and XX Large sizes with handles to help assist with the positioning of larger patients.  

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