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Bariatric Slings

Basic Range
These slings have standard padding in the legs with no reinforced stitching or material. Comfort and safety are still top priority.
Tested to 1.5 x the Safe Working Load of 900 lbs. / 409 kgs.

Deluxe Range
Provides reinforced material and stitching in the most stressed areas of the sling. The extra padding provides more comfort and less pressure on delicate skin, enhancing comfort for the patient.

Deluxe Range of Divided Leg Hammock
This sling is sometimes preferred for pear shaped persons. Their stomachs need more support. The whole sling is padded with Spacer fabric which is softer and disperses heat, which prevents a build up of body heat and sweat, for increased comfort and protection of the skin.  

Basic Hammock Range
The same design as the Deluxe Hammock range but without the divided leg facility. Lower cost material gives a more economical solution.

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