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About Cleaning and Disinfection

ArjoHuntleigh has worked to focus attention on the importance of basic hygiene routines. It is estimated that 50% of all hospital-acquired infections are related to poor hand hygiene. Hand washing is the most important infection control measure to minimize transmission of infections between people. Combating nosocomial infections also requires the right equipment to clean and disinfect circulating goods.

ArjoHuntleigh has developed highly effective bedpan washer disinfectors and utensil washer disinfectors, as well as complete soiled utility room systems, to prevent the spread of infections.

People living in large groups of elderly healthcare facilities are highly exposed to contagion. Micro-organisms that may be completely harmless to healthy people can, in healthcare environments, cause serious infections among people with lowered immunity. Bacteria, viruses and fungi are found everywhere and can be transmitted from one individual to another by items that are inadequately cleaned or handled.

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