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Patient Lifting and Transfers

Safe Patient Handling

ArjoHuntleigh is committed to making patient lifting and patient transfers safer and more comfortable for both patient and carer. With the right equipment and education, carers can use patient lifts and patient standing and raising aids safely and in optimised comfort.

Back Injury prevention Program -
By eliminating manual lifting, ArjoHuntleigh lifts play a major role in back injury prevention and promoting a safer working environment.

Everyday patient lifters from ArjoHuntleigh worldwide perform over 1,000,000 patient transfers.

Ceiling lifts and Mobile lifts complement each other and work together to provide a safe patient handling environment,  a Total Patient Handling Solution

In a limited area the ceiling lift could be preferred where as a Mobile sling lift gives you more flexability wherever the patient handling manoeuvre is required.

Patient Lifts

Static and dynamic loads: risks beyond lifting

The dynamic load (lifting, pushing, pulling) is generally accepted as an important risk factor leading to musculoskeletal disorders in nursing. However, the static load, for example bending for long periods of time when bathing patients, is also a major risk factor. Problems due to static load will emerge sooner or later in any prevention project.

Check out our interactive Statman to help direct you to safe postures!

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