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Improving quality of care



ArjoHuntleigh is dedicated, through its products and knowledge-spreading activities, to improving the quality of care.

ArjoHuntleigh has gained unrivalled knowledge of the practicalities of caring for the elderly from almost 50 years of contact with all aspects of nursing worldwide. By refining and channelling this knowledge into developing and manufacturing products, ArjoHuntleigh makes life easier and safer for residents, patients and caregivers. ArjoHuntleigh is committed to spreading its findings and helping to raise the quality of care. 


The Positive Eight

Space, the proper aids and the correct working techniques are decisive factors for the resident’s mobility and thereby the whole healthcare process. In the ARJO Guidebook for Architects and Planners you can find out how the “Positive Eight” promotes:

• better working conditions for nursing staff
• better quality of life for residents
• better return on investments made when building and refurbishing elderly healthcare facilities and similar 

We listen

How does ArjoHuntleigh develop its products? ArjoHuntleigh is dedicated to designing equipment geared to the needs of the people who use them in everyday situations: the resident and the caregiver. Our aim is to develop technology that improves the quality of life for residents by enabling safer, more comfortable everyday hygiene routines. Our technology also creates optimum ergonomic working conditions for the caregiver, making routines less strenuous, more efficient, and minimizing the risk of strain injuries.


Involved in care improvement

We are actively involved in furthering positive developments in the elderly healthcare field. ArjoHuntleigh has promoted the concept of a ”non-lifting culture” for many years through our leaflets and publications.

ArjoHuntleigh is a participant, often as a consultant, in organizations that set national and international codes and regulations. This gives ArjoHuntleigh an influential role in ensuring high safety requirements for equipment and ensures its own equipment fully complies with current international and national codes.

By listening, developing, manufacturing and educating, ArjoHuntleigh has become a part of the process for improving the quality of elderly care .... with people in mind.

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