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Injury Prevention Programmes

Protecting staff from preventable injuries
Work-related injuries among nurses and caregivers is a growing problem around the world.

This means that healthcare resources are being put under massive pressure, as a decreasing number of nurses and caregivers look after an increasing number of elderly, sick and infirm.

In many countries staff shortages are causing chronic problems, so it is vital to provide nurses and caregivers with a working invironment that is as safe and hygienic as possible. Not only will this keep staff safe and secure in their chosen profession, it will also offer many benefits to patients and residents alike through a strong focus on their comfort and care.

With the professional in mind, the Injury Prevention Program is one of the cornerstones of 'ArjoHuntleigh Dynamics'. It is a directory of qualified research and information, which is designed to provide practical tips and consultation for healthcare staff and facilities. The objective is to help the practitioner gain the most from implementing an Injury Prevention Program in order to benefit staff, patients and residents, while also attaining positive financial outcomes....

…… with people in mind

Static and dynamic loads: risks beyond lifting

The dynamic load (lifting, pushing, pulling) is generally accepted as an important risk factor leading to musculoskeletal disorders in nursing. However, the static load, for example bending for long periods of time when bathing patients, is also a major risk factor. Problems due to static load will emerge sooner or later in any prevention project.

Check out our interactive Statman to help direct you to safe postures!

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